Health Facility Collapses, 365 Covid-19 Patients Die in Self-Isolation


Health Facility Collapses, 365 Covid-19 Patients Die in Self-Isolation

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July 8th 2021. The death toll and Covid-19 cases in Indonesia continue to rise. In addition to the patients who died during hospital treatments, a number of people with the virus also reported the deaths of family members and friends who contracted the virus during their self-isolation. This phenomenon points to the collapse of health facilities rendering Covid-19 patients unable to find proper medical treatment, worsened by the lack of public health education and risk communication by the government, causing people to choose self-isolation over hospital care.

Based on research conducted by the LaporCovid19 team on Twitter, online news portals, and direct reports from communities, we found that 365 people self-isolating in their homes died while attempting to find medical care. These deaths outside medical facilities were?only?found in the period between June and July 2021.

Does this situation show the government’s neglect in fulfilling the citizens? right to health care during the ongoing pandemic, as guaranteed by Health Quarantine Law No. 6 2018, which?clearly states that during a pandemic, all citizens have the right to receive proper medical care.?Furthermore, this also indicates a violation of human rights guaranteed in?the 1945 Constitution.

With regard to the spread of the dead across the country, we found that the 365 deaths are spread across 25 cities and 37 districts from 11 provinces, including the Jakarta Capital Region, Banten, West Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta, East Java, Lampung, Riau Islands, Riau, East Nusa Tenggara, West Kalimantan. The province which recorded the most deaths outside hospitals is West Java, where? 117 deaths were reported in 18 cities/regencies. The province which recorded the most spread deaths outside hospitals is West Java, which recorded deaths in 18 cities/districts.

The following table details the number of deaths in each province.

Province Number of Deaths outside Hospitals/Health Facilities Distribution in Districts/Cities
Jawa Barat 117 18
Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 79 5
Banten 47 3
Dki Jakarta 41 5
Jawa Timur 38 11
Jawa Tengah 30 13
Riau 5 1
Lampung 2 1
Kepulauan Riau 2 1
Nusa Tenggara Timur 2 2
Kalimantan Barat 1 1


The figures above do not accurately represent the actual conditions in the community, as not all deaths are reported to LaporCovid19, social media, or by mass media. There is growing concerned at LaporCovid-19 that more casualties outside health facilities may continue to occur. Apart from improving medical facilities and equipping personnel with tools to handle the pandemic, there should be stricter restrictions on mobility to prevent the continued rise in transmission of the virus which poses the risk of death.

To help ensure the accuracy of data, the LaporCovid-19 team encourages Indonesians in all regions to report deaths of Covid-19 patients outside of health facilities. These reports can be made using option 5 through the following contact LaporkanKematianCovidNomor5

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