Strengthen Community Health Centres Before They Collapse


Strengthen Community health centres before they collapse


The increasing burden on Community health centres

In the midst of a spike in Covid-19 cases, many confirmed Covid-19 cases have not received health services in hospitals, to the point that they have had to self-isolate with monitoring from community health centres.

This has drastically increased the burden on and responsibility of community health centres. And has been further aggravated by many community health centre staff being infected by Covid-19.


Community health centres are being overwhelmed

Several community health centres admit that the spike of cases has influenced the performance and resources of community health centres.

Sorry, currently with the spike in cases many community health centre staff have also been exposed sir Tangerang District, 10 July 2021

Hello, sorry in advance for the delayed response. Because, in all honesty, the owner of this account has been exhausted in the past 4 days. Special Capital Region Jakarta, 11 July 2021

The impact on the people

In the past week, LaporCovid-19 has received reports from community health centres that are overwhelmed, to the point that patients undertaking self-isolation cannot access services from community health centres.

My whole family is Covid-19 positive and are in self-isolation. We have already reported to the Covid-19 taskforce. However, up until now, no one from the community health centre has visited my house. (Surabaya, 8 July 2021)

After I got the swab test result and reported to the Community health centre, I was [instead] ordered to go home and self-isolate without being given medicine or the contact details for the Community health centre so I could contact them. (Tangerang District, 9 July 2021)

We have already reported to the community head, but we are yet to receive assistance in the form of medicine or multi-vitamins from the Community health centre or even from the community head, so how are we meant to report, to which body? (Jakarta Capital Region, 9 July 2021)

The overwhelming of Community health centres can also be seen from the reports of citizens complaining that they havent been informed of the swab examination schedule:

I have been sick since 28 June, on 2 July I intended to get a swab at the Community health centre in South Jakarta, but actually I was told to call the Community health centre hotline, it took a very long time for them to answer. When they answered, I was asked to provide my personal information and was booked in to get a PCR swab in about 4-5 days, but up until now, I still have not been contacted (Special Capital Region Jakarta, 7 July 2021).

At the Community health centre in East Jakarta — when I submitted the result of my antigen test, which stated that I was Covid-19 positive — staff from the Community health centre asked for the antigen test results, a copy of their identity card and a contact mobile number. This is the seventh day I have been in self-isolation. I have not been contacted to schedule a PCR test. (Special Capital Region Jakarta, 7 July 2021)

Community health centres need serious attention

These conditions require serious attention from the Local Government and the Central Government. Strengthening the community health centres’ capacity to deliver health services to citizens is crucial for saving the lives of many people.

Strengthening health facilities in Community health centres must be balanced with:

  1. Support for the protection of the healthcare workers in Community health centres, including providing incentives to healthcare workers which must be provided in full, the provision of adequate PPE, medical treatment if they fall sick, and other support.
  2. Strong capacity for testing, tracing and treatment (3T) and mobility restrictions to suppress the rise in cases so that the spread of Covid-19 can be controlled and so that Community health centres are no longer overwhelmed and can provide services at maximum capacity.

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