The Controversy Over A Third Dose Of The Covid-19 Vaccination




Since its arrival in early August 2021, a booster dose of the Moderna vaccine has been a bone of contention for several parties. Will the Pfizer vaccine, which arrived recently, have the same fate? The ongoing debate about vaccines in the middle of an uncontrollable pandemic is a huge irony for humanity. Many communities and areas have reported stock shortages.


Source: Jakarta Globe


The Ministry of Health responds to the issue of Moderna vaccines being contested in several regions.

At that time, the Health Ministry vaccination spokesperson did not refute the news that the Moderna vaccine was being contested by several officials in the region as a third booster dose. Despite being aware, no firm action has been taken by the Ministry of Health. As a result, some officials have received a third booster dose of the Moderna vaccine. (Source: CNN Indonesia)

A Tardy Reaction

The claim made by the Ministry of Health was too late. The distribution of the Moderna vaccine should have been rigorously regulated from the start.


Weak supervision

On August 13, 2021, the Ministry of Health declared that Moderna is exclusively allocated as a third vaccine dose for healthcare workers and those who have never received a vaccine before.

The provision of a third vaccine dose to non-healthcare workers demonstrates the Ministry of Health’s lack of oversight. The Ministry of Health Circular Letter HK. 02.01/I/1919/2021 expressly states that the third dose of vaccine is exclusively allocated to healthcare workers.

Furthermore, according to circular letter SR.02.06II/2025/2021 point 3, the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine is given to those who have never received a Covid-19 vaccination before.


Source: Tempo

Will the Pfizer vaccine have the same fate as Moderna? It has become a bone of contention for many individuals, while residents have been ignored.

According to LaporCovid-19, the central government does not yet have complete control over vaccine distribution to the regions. Local governments, on the other hand, must improve the vaccination process and objectives.

If you experience or hear about any misuse of vaccines, please report it to the LaporCovid-19 chatbot on menu number 6!



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