Why is the Healthcare Booster Vaccine Is Slow?


Why is the Healthcare Booster Vaccine Is Slow?


The Booster vaccine, which has been intended for health workers, is, in fact, too slow to be pursued. The target of 1.4 million booster vaccines for health workers is progressing slowly, even though it has been distributed to health workers since July 14, 2021.

Source: Ministry of Health (September 14, 2021)


The reason for the slow progress of the 3rd booster vaccine is that the Moderna vaccine is also intended for the general public to administer doses 1 and 2, which potentially obscure the priority of boosters distribution.


Health Workers are Confused

In addition, health workers are also not given adequate information about how to get booster vaccines. “Where can I register for the third vaccine for health workers in South Tangerang?” (29 August 2021) “Hello, I’m a health worker from Bandung. I work in a clinic and haven’t gotten the third vaccine booster yet. I used to see that there was a ticket in Peduli Lindungi (Indonesian official COVID-19 contact tracing app), but not long after, it was disappeared. How do I get the booster? (Bandung, 25 August 2021)

I am a health worker in West Jakarta. I went here and there looking for booster vaccines in Health centers, but it is not available everywhere. May I know how to get access to Moderna booster vaccines? (Special Capital Region of Jakarta, 25 August 2021)

“I haven’t received any information on where to get the Moderna vaccine booster” (Gorontalo, 25 August 2021)


Health Workers Are Afraid to Report

It is not easy for health workers to voice their rights because they are vulnerable to intimidation, so many choose to remain silent. Please don’t send it to the Health Office. We are afraid that it will be more difficult (for us) to get a third vaccine (Balikpapan, 24 August 2021)

Moderna vaccines are given to the general public, while health workers who have private clinics and health workers in the regions have not received the Moderna vaccine. Yesterday, I went to the Health Center but was refused because I had to wait for a call. I definitely ask (my) identity to be hidden, because we are afraid that the Health office will make it more difficult for us to get Moderna vaccines in the future (Balikpapan, 25 August 2021)

For health workers who are still having trouble getting the 3rd vaccine booster, please report it to LaporCovid-19 WhatsApp or Telegram.



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